Stained glass is the artistic medium that I've been involved with the longest and most extensively, learning the basics in high school art class, working in the field throughout my college tenure. I also opened my own studio, working at first out of my house, and later out of a storefront location. I continue to work in the medium when inspiration strikes, and I suspect I'll never give it up entirely.

I prefer to work in the traditional lead came method, but occasionally use copper foil when it is appropriate. I vastly prefer abstract, geometric and architectural compositions over pictorial representations.

I've included a large sampling of my work here, not all of it being extraordinary, mostly to show the breadth and variety of the work I've done. Some of the pictures are poor, as they began accumulating in the pre-digital age when you didn't know what you got until the photos were developed weeks later. Sorry for that.

Christ Knocking.jpg