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started making mobiles in college art classes. I explored the medium for a while, and though I enjoyed it, I did very little mobile work for quite some time. I have recently come back to it and am enjoying it thoroughly.

Unfortunately, most of my college works are lost to time and I don't have photos of any of them. A couple of them were lost to weather as well, as I occasionally hung the larger works outdoors.

Many of these here are made from buttons. I have a certain love for buttons in their limitless shapes and colors. I recall playing with (and organizing) my mother's button drawer as a child, and I have retained that childlike affinity for them. Shell buttons, with their weight and luminescence, are some of my favorites.

I have taught mobile making classes a couple of times to share the art and physics of their construction, and I hope those students have gone on to enjoy the art form as much as I have.

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