The miscellaneous section of this repository could end up being quite extensive. I have worked on so many things over the course of my life that I wasn't even really sure where to start with this section. I've broken it down into sub-pages to make it more manageable.

Many of these projects are things that I tried once and didn't care for. Some of the projects I have enjoyed, but just haven't had the time to go back to again. Other forms, such as woodworking and jewelry, are art forms that I have done more work in.

I have taken, and continue to take, classes in things that I am interested in learning about, even if I don't expect to work in the medium beyond the class itself. Some of the classes require space and tools that I am not in a position to invest in. Some classes I have taken only to see if there are tools and/or techniques that I could adapt and use in other fields of interest.

I may not be an expert in much, but I can say I do know a little about a lot. I am always on the lookout for the next thing to try. Maybe someday I'll find my one true calling.

Model Making
Felted Rug
Misc. Misc.